Treatment/ Repair

Lisa Duncan, Art Conservator, LLC
Paper and Photograph Conservation

Lisa Duncan, Art Conservator, LLC specializes in the conservation and restoration of damaged photographic materials and works on paper.  This includes photographic prints, negatives (paper, glass and film- based), drawings, prints, paintings on paper, digital images, archival material, architectural plans, maps, manuscripts, diplomas, certificates, and documents.  Treatments can range from minor to major depending on the extent of damage.  Decisions follow the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) Code of Ethics and Guidelines For Practice.  For further information about AIC and/ or to read the Code of Ethics please visit

Call to schedule an appointment.  The initial consultation is free.  For a fee, you can leave your item with Lisa Duncan, Art Conservator, LLC and receive a proposal for treatment within six weeks.